Mad Scientist Wars 2 0

On the fourth anniversary since it's creation, the MSW underwent a reboot, the primary purpose of which was to remove copyright infringing elements of canon in order to make it a universe of its own, and to adjust aspects of characters which had come to be seen as undesirable. In universe, it is the result of changes to the time stream, both deliberate or incidental, during the cast's adventures through it.

Changes include:

  • Andrew Tinker's age has increased. His middle names have been revised to 'Hook'.
  • Mechanicsburg, Castle Heterodyne and Jager have become Amsterdynamo, Castle Blaubart and Danke Soldaten, respectively.
  • Axel, Damien and Sarah are no longer interdimensional travelers, being native to this dimension.

Additions include;

  • New Species: Trampoline Bush.
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